Digital Concrete Poetry /P5.JS
Spring 2022—Ongoing

Concrete poetry built with open-source programming language p5.js and adjacent features (JSON and API).
I also looked into the code itsef – can syntax, variables and other computing lingua become a vehicle of poetry?
P5.JS Concrete Poems︎︎︎

(Early Spring, Light Clouds)

*Förvårskväll is a household Swedish folksong narrating the advent of spring. Listen to the performance by Ericson Kammerchor here.

The Blossoms Have No Fear

Weather Piece
(Rush Hush Gush Lush)

This Concrete Poetry Piece uses API. Here is the link to the open-sourced code, where property modifiers are directly linked to current weather condition data in London, UK.
Raw data accessible here (JSON format).